My how life has changed over my 35 years in the business of helping buyers get into a home!  And, it is going to continue to change.  Sometimes....

  • It is easier to qualify than at other times.
  • You can qualify today and then the requirements change, and you can't qualify tomorrow.
  • You are ready to get your home, but you can't find something you want or that you can afford.
  • You have credit problems or had to change jobs or lost part of your income stream.

My point is you can still have a home with all the benefits of ownership.

Please call or email me, and we can start to answer any questions you might have. 

Come to our meetup_logo_1.png and find out if you can have a home even if you have been through some of these problems.
Gary Brackhahn
Gary Brackhahn
Real Estate Broker & Investor
4851 Keller Springs Road, Suite 112 Addison TX 75001