WOW!  What can I say.  I have seen so many changes over the past 35 years, but I have never been as excited as I am these days!

Even after Dodd-Frank was fully enacted in January 2014, those of us who know how it really works, and not the hearsay or the half truths, know we have a great opportunity to invest in real estate if we know how to do it correctly.

As an author and public speaker, I get a chance to help new and experienced investors understand how to take advantage of the great opportunities that the laws of our country allow.  But, with Dodd-Frank, it appears that the doors are closing; however, it is not true if you know other tools we have at our fingertips that provide all the opportunity we could ever want.  Here are some of the things we, as investors, can look forward to...

  • We don't have to qualify for a loan.
  • We don't have to put up large cash down payments to obtain property.
  • We don't have to see if the bank says we can buy more property.
  • We don't have to sell our assets to get the capital to buy other property.
  • We don't have to see if a lender will give an approval to let us buy.

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An overview on how to buy and sell using "owner financing" to avoid Dodd-Frank altogether.

An overview on how to increase your net income per month by 20-30%.

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Gary Brackhahn
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