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Join our meetup_logo_1.png Group (for free) to stay informed about any Meetups or Workshops we have scheduled.  We will be holding Meetups for investors, sellers, buyers and Realtors, so you can find those that interest you most.  You can choose from:

Investors - The Basics of Investing in Real Estate

Investors - How to Make the Most Out of the Real Estate You Own

Investors & Landlords - How to Avoid Dodd-Frank Altogether

Investors & Realtors - Alternative Owner Financing to Avoid Dodd-Frank Altogether

Landlords - A Better Option than Leasing

Buyers & Tenants - If you can't qualify for a loan, have credit issues, are self-employed, but want a home with full benefits, we can help you do it.

Meetups will be held at our office in Addison.

Gary Brackhahn, President of Financial Concepts, REALTORS®, has over 35 years experience in the real estate and financial planning business.  In our Meetups and Workshops, Gary will cover real life examples and advanced real estate concepts in an easy-to-understand format.

Gary Brackhahn
Gary Brackhahn
Real Estate Broker & Investor
4851 Keller Springs Road, Suite 112 Addison TX 75001